Flowers and Cuteness

A few more flowers have started blooming around here, including the serviceberries, some more daffodils, and the burgundy tulips. And we even had a banana pepper seed come up, which means the red lettuce is the only one still holding out. Plus, the clematis has grown up over the fence, and the onions will be in flower soon (months in advance, I may add).

But the real excitement here at the house, or urban farm as we should maybe start calling it, are the three baby chicks I brought home yesterday! One Plymouth Rock, one Buff Orpington, and one Golden Comet, each about ten days old.

These chicks were sexed, meaning they are 90-95% likely to be female (roosters are illegal here in town). They cost a little more ($3 a piece) than straight run chicks (chicks that haven’t been separated into males and females), but I certainly do not want to have to find a home for a rooster once he starts crowing. All are supposed to be good for laying, and the Buff Orpington and Plymouth Rock are actual chicken breeds. The Golden Comet is a sex-link hybrid that was developed so the males and females could be easily distinguished upon hatching.

They pretty much just hop around and scratch in their pine bedding and eat their chick starter feed and peep occasionally. But then sometimes they fall asleep in a pile, and it’s all kinds of cute.

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3 Responses to Flowers and Cuteness

  1. Maria Renee says:

    woot woot!!!! this is the most exciting news since i had my own baby chicks! Let us cross our fingers that yours do not suffer the same sad fate as the late Chicky Macho. I am going to announce my aunt-hood. Exciting news indeed! Will you build an urban chicken coops?

  2. Kristin says:

    Of course! Coop plans are in the works. Congratulations on your aunthood!

  3. Nancy J. Lambert says:

    Oops, hit the wrong key and it disappeared!! Yesterday I recruited 3 new blog fans, one has chickens and we all buy delicious brown eggs from her. She wanted to know the brands, so wah la…..!! So much fun!! Now you need to see if you can get a pic of Carmen’s reaction!!

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