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Berry Bushes and Busybodies

We planted some berry bushes! Four raspberries (‘Brandywine’, ‘Cumberland’, ‘Heritage’, and ‘Logan’) and three blueberries (‘Bluecrop’, ‘Earliblue’, and ‘Jersey’). This bed also has some Virginia creeper that we planted last summer in hopes that it would 1. cover our ugly … Continue reading

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Backyard Hardscaping part 2: The Driveway Plus How To Install a Brick Patio

Our contractor installed the subgrade under both the driveway and patio sites: compacted crushed angular gravel to a depth of 18 inches under the driveway and 12 inches under the patio. Then it was our turn. DRIVEWAY For the driveway, … Continue reading

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Backyard Hardscaping (I smell a lawsuit)

Our contractor was just about to start working to restore our backyard to working order when the ice storm came. This was mid November 2010, a little earlier than normal for our area, and the ground froze solid. And while … Continue reading

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Landscape progress (or lack thereof)

As of our last post so many weeks ago, Aaron and I were preparing to go before our city’s historic preservation committee to seek approval for some major changes to our backyard landscape. We got dressed all professional-like and I … Continue reading

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Landscape Plans

Our backyard is a jungle, with the most pervasive weeds imaginable and little to speak of other than our neglected vegetable patch and our highly chlorotic oak tree. We do have some prolific basil plants (basil must thrive on neglect), … Continue reading

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