Thank you for checking out our blog! We are Kristin and Aaron, aided and abetted by our mascot Carmen. We met in 2003, bought our house in 2007, and got married in 2009.


If life is comfortable, it means we are not challenging ourselves. We try to embrace discomfort–in fact, we seek discomfort–because it provides an opportunity for growth.

It is too easy to stagnate, to form habits and routines, and to pass many years paying little attention to our own experiences or to the implications of our actions.

Our goal is to be mindful of all parts of our lives. We aim to question the standard ways of doing things and find methods better suited to us whenever possible, to honestly evaluate the effects of our lifestyle on ourselves and others, and to seek continuous self-improvement through ongoing learning.

This is our personal blog, but we hope it will be informative and perhaps even inspiring at times.

(We also value silliness and try not to take ourselves too seriously.)


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