Baby Plants

Nancy and I planted a bunch of seeds last weekend, even though it was a full eight weeks before the frost-free date. If this mild winter blends right on into spring, I’m thinking that I’ll be able to transplant all these starters a couple weeks early. But even if it gets cold again, I’ll just transplant them to bigger containers to bide the time.

I love baby plants–they’re so gosh darned cute!

There was absolutely no activity for six days, but on the seventh day some mustard greens and tarragon showed up. Some pinks and one lonely arugula showed up on day eight, and this morning (day nine), there are a couple chives, a zinnia, some creeping thyme and some rainbow chard just starting to break ground. There are 20 different kinds of seeds in those little pots, and I keep checking them compulsively, because it seems like every time I look something new has poked up through the soil.

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