Spring is Coming!

It’s almost springtime, and little things are happening in the garden to get me all excited! I wish I could plant things now, but it’s still quite a while until the frost-free date, so I’ll just have to be patient.

We’ve had quite a few of these yellow crocuses (croci? what is the plural of crocus?) for a week or so now. We’ve also got some tulips and ornamental onions breaking ground, although none of these are anywhere near flowering.

The Monarda (Bee Balm) must have put down about a million seeds, because that’s how many little seedlings appear to be coming up.

Then we have a bunch of buds beginning to swell and break: clematis, serviceberry, and dogwood.

We’ve had yellow crocuses (according to The Concise Oxford English Dictionary, 9th ed., “crocuses” and “croci” are both correct for the plural of “crocus”) for a while, but today we got our first purple crocus! We actually have two of them! I like the yellow ones, but I loooove the purple ones!

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3 Responses to Spring is Coming!

  1. Maria Renee says:

    voila! Spring! I’d forgotten how exciting it is to see the first croci popping up after a long midwestern winter. Beautiful pics of the croci, Kristin!

  2. Maria Renee says:

    p.s., Hermana-in-law, your photos are fantastique! Are you taking these with a point and shoot? The close-ups of the croci are absolutely brilliant! Just in case the whole nursing thing doesn’t pan out…or you get bored ;)

    • Kristin says:

      Thanks! Yeah, it’s just a Canon SD1000. It’s a pretty awesome little camera, especially for a point-and-shoot. It’s got a great macro setting that I use often for close-ups.

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