House Tour!

It just today occurred to me that we have never given a photo tour of the house for y’all! I love looking at the house tours on Apartment Therapy and, while our house is nowhere near ready to showcase on an actual design blog, it might be fun to do a tour with the house in its current condition. Sort of like a giant “Before” for all the “After” shots to come in the next few years!

I took all these photos today, so this is not a true “Before,” as we’ve already done a considerable bit of work on the house. But this can at least show you where the magic happens.

For those who haven’t visited in a while, the house probably looks different. You should probably come visit us in person for a beer and a tour! And for those who have never come to visit, you should come, too!

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2 Responses to House Tour!

  1. Nancy J. Lambert says:

    Awesome! The home tour is a great idea. Today I am recruiting 2 new blog fans for you. They are already big fans of Renee’s blog and always ask about your house. One is the nutritionist, and she will love the pic of Aaron making grapefruit brulee! The other is my computer tech, one of the most upbeat people, plus John just remodeled her kitchen.

    Thanks for a good time past wknd! At some point you could do a garden tour…….

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