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Three Eggs!

Hattie laid her first egg today, at 24 weeks and 4 days of age. This means all three hens are laying now! Clockwise, starting from left, are today’s eggs from Mathilda, Little Jerry Seinfeld, and Hattie: We’ve been keeping up … Continue reading

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The Last Two Months (that’s, like, 5 chicken-years)

What with starting a new job and trying to finish the chicken coop and blah blah blah…anyway, here’s an update. Sometime in late April, the chicks began escaping from their brooder. They were getting tall enough that it seemed cruel … Continue reading

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The Chicks are Growing Quickly!

It happened seemingly overnight: I put baby chicks to bed, and woke up the next morning to find miniature chickens! They’re getting all feathery, and they appear to have doubled in size! (They’ve averaged a 75% weight increase since we … Continue reading

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Chicks Settling In

The chicks didn’t really do much on their first day–I think they were freaked out by the move. Yesterday and today, their antics have been much more entertaining. They’ve been running around the cage and flapping their wings and sparring. … Continue reading

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Flowers and Cuteness

A few more flowers have started blooming around here, including the serviceberries, some more daffodils, and the burgundy tulips. And we even had a banana pepper seed come up, which means the red lettuce is the only one still holding … Continue reading

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