This Week in the Garden

These baby plants are making me hungry for fresh garden produce, but that’s still a ways off…

Quite a few seed starters have come up since last week. We now have

  • herbs: basil, borage, chives, cilantro, creeping thyme, sage, and tarragon
  • leaf vegetables: arugula, cress, mustard greens, and rainbow chard (lettuce, why haven’t you sprouted yet?)
  • edible ornamentals: nasturtium, love-lies-bleeding
  • and just for fun: columbine, pinks, and zinnia

I’m really excited about the edible ornamentals–here is a way to have pretty flowers in the backyard while simultaneously producing food AND increasing the diversity of my diet! Pretty much the coolest thing ever. I plan on expanding on edible ornamentals and edible landscaping in the garden this year. In fact, I recently found out that bee-balm or Monarda is also known as bergamot and can be used to make tea! Plus the bees love it, so it’s all around a good plant for the garden.

There has also been a lot of activity with the strictly ornamental plants, which aren’t as useful for my appetite, but which are hopefully keeping the early season bees satisfied. Two of the phlox plants are flowering, while the rest show signs of flowers coming soon. Our first tulips came up. And we have another daffodil! (I’m thinking of sitting in a rockingchair in the driveway with a shotgun to protect it.)

I’m also pretty excited about the ornamental onions and a different variety of tulips sending up happy balls of soon-to-be floral awesomeness. And inside the house, the Christmas cactus started blooming, so I moved it outside to serve as bee food.

Also, the hostas are coming back!

I was worried they’d died, but here they are! Yay for tidings of the coming growing season!

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2 Responses to This Week in the Garden

  1. Emily says:

    Cool stuff! I’ve discovered it’s almost impossible to kill hostas. Took 3 years to get them out of my old landscape!

  2. Maria Renee says:

    I’m pretty pumped that you’ve planted Amaranth – one of the ancient Incan grains! All the little plants look wonderful – can’t wait to see pics of the garden in full bloom!

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