Berry Bushes and Busybodies

We planted some berry bushes! Four raspberries (‘Brandywine’, ‘Cumberland’, ‘Heritage’, and ‘Logan’) and three blueberries (‘Bluecrop’, ‘Earliblue’, and ‘Jersey’). This bed also has some Virginia creeper that we planted last summer in hopes that it would 1. cover our ugly white vinyl siding and 2. offer shade from the hot summer sun while allowing the winter sun to warm the house after the plant loses its leaves (hooray deciduous vines!).

A few people have seen me out there watering and asked what’s growing, and I’ve told them all to help themselves to the berries should they see any this summer. The response has been mostly positive, except for a neighborhood pastor who followed up a warning of “raspberries will take over everything” with a question of “are you sure you want that vine on your house?” and then had the nerve to proselytize me! If I didn’t already think church was mainly a place for nosy people to mind each other’s business, I certainly do now!

While I’m less than receptive to coerced church attendance, he does have a point about the plants. Yes, raspberries and Virginia creeper will take over–that’s exactly why I planted them. It’s a narrow urban bed with hot sun and frequent trampling by neighborhood children/dogs and salt spray from the city’s snow crews in winter. That, and it tends to collect cigarette butts and fast food wrappers. It needs tough plants!

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One Response to Berry Bushes and Busybodies

  1. Wow that’s a lot of raspberries!

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