The Chicks are Growing Quickly!

It happened seemingly overnight: I put baby chicks to bed, and woke up the next morning to find miniature chickens! They’re getting all feathery, and they appear to have doubled in size! (They’ve averaged a 75% weight increase since we got them, but who’s counting?)

Here they are on the 2nd day we had them, approximately 11 days old, all cute and tiny. I swear they looked just like this when I went to bed yesterday night:

And here they are today, at approximately 17 days:

Hattie, our Buff Orpington, is the calmest and easiest to photograph (she’ll just sit in your hand and hold still–what a sweetie!):

Mathilda, our Plymouth Rock, was pretty shy at first but is coming around to us:

and Little Jerry Seinfeld, our Golden Comet, who is the most inquisitive. Here she is pecking at one of my freckles:

(In fact, while I was attempting to photograph Little Jerry, she walked right up my arm to my shoulder and looked directly at my left eye like she was going to peck it! Fortunately she just turned around and walked back down my arm.)

So needless to say, we are expediting the coop construction. This was all part of my master plan, of course–if I’d waited to get chicks until the coop was built, I never would have gotten chicks!

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One Response to The Chicks are Growing Quickly!

  1. Renee Lambert says:

    cockadoodle do! They grow up so fast don’t they? Enjoy every moment, as before you know it they will be popping out delicious little eggs! I am so sad that there is no space in my new urban flat for chickens. boo! Tell the chickies that they’re aunt sends her greetings!

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