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2012: The year my annuals became perennials

I thought petunias were annuals, but apparently I was mistaken, as three of mine have come back. I hadn’t gotten around to emptying last year’s planter boxes yet, and this mild winter has rewarded my procrastination! And our little vegetable … Continue reading

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This Week in the Garden

These baby plants are making me hungry for fresh garden produce, but that’s still a ways off… Quite a few seed starters have come up since last week. We now have herbs: basil, borage, chives, cilantro, creeping thyme, sage, and … Continue reading

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Baby Plants

Nancy and I planted a bunch of seeds last weekend, even though it was a full eight weeks before the frost-free date. If this mild winter blends right on into spring, I’m thinking that I’ll be able to transplant all … Continue reading

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