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2012: The year my annuals became perennials

I thought petunias were annuals, but apparently I was mistaken, as three of mine have come back. I hadn’t gotten around to emptying last year’s planter boxes yet, and this mild winter has rewarded my procrastination! And our little vegetable … Continue reading

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The Frustrations of Street-Side Gardening

Someone picked our daffodil. Aaron found it a few houses down lying on the sidewalk. I’m inclined to say it was just some drunk idiot, since the daffodil was intact on Saturday evening (I was checking on it giddily throughout … Continue reading

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I know, I know, it’s not fully blooming yet, but I just couldn’t wait! This little guy has been creeping up for the last month or so (I think he* got stunted a bit by the snow and frost we … Continue reading

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Backyard Hardscaping (I smell a lawsuit)

Our contractor was just about to start working to restore our backyard to working order when the ice storm came. This was mid November 2010, a little earlier than normal for our area, and the ground froze solid. And while … Continue reading

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