How to destroy a perfectly good living space

In an effort to speed up our progress, we decided to cut a hole in our bedroom wall. This has long been a part of the plan, and we were pretty tired of working on things like plumbing and framing and wiring, so it seemed like a good time to completely undo all of the organization and arranging we had done to make our place habitable. Our real goal here was to motivate ourselves by making our living space uncomfortable. It had become too pleasant in our house, and we’d been developing a nasty TV habit in the evenings when we should have been working. Over the course of a weekend, we moved everything out of the bedroom and into our living room.

The entire contents of our bedroom, laid on our living room furniture

With the bedroom cleared, it was time to cut the hole in the wall. This hole will eventually function as the doorway to our master bath. It was already a window in the brick, and we’d removed a few courses of brick in order to make a doorway. Now we just needed to cut a hole through the plaster wall.

the new door

We used a diamond blade on a circular saw, similar to the blade we used to cut concrete. It worked like a charm, and the hole was cut, straight edges and all. It only took about 15 minutes. The hardest part was moving all that stuff out of the bedroom, and then trying to figure out what to do with it afterward.

Our living room is still pretty much unusable, but at least now we have a doorway connecting our bedroom directly to the unfinished, uninsulated part of the house. Soon it will be time to select finish surfaces, which is a whole other scary avenue that we haven’t begun to walk yet.

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