The Mini Cooper is more practical than one might think…

Aaron drives a Mini Cooper, which may not sound like the embodiment of practicality for two people renovating a home, what with frequent trips to the hardware store for 10 ft lengths of pipe and dimensional lumber and all that. And while my car is slightly larger and, I must admit, has a larger capacity in terms of what will fit in the hatchback, Aaron’s car is by far the more pragmatic simply by virtue of its sunroof.

Aaron and John after a productive trip to the hardware store

As you can see, the Mini has been great for hauling various materials to our jobsite, especially CPVC for our recent plumbing job (which I lamented earlier; however, a new study published in Chemical Research in Toxicology details a possible link between copper intake and Alzheimer’s disease and suggests that adults over 50 avoid drinking water from copper plumbing. So while I may eventually get cancer from our CPVC, I’ll be blissfully aware of all the horrible details as the cancer progresses.)

In more upbeat news, we finished the plumbing for and framed in the water closet of our master bathroom! On the left there will be the shower stall, and on the right will be the toilet. The sinks will be on the other side of that window (soon to be doorway). And all the utilities, including duct work and electricity, will go in the sloped part of the ceiling above the bathroom, which will have a flat ceiling.

Framing for the bathroom

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