Economic Tips For Cash Strapped Renovators

I don’t have any experience running a general contracting business, but I think I can safely say that the key to keeping your expenses down is to trick older men into doing the work for beer.  You might be saying to yourself as you read this, “Aaron, that’s a terrible idea, beer is so expensive;  especially the fancy beers that old guys tend to prefer.”  Well, the nice thing about compensating your help with beer is that the harder they work, the less beer they want to drink.  They’ll end up drinking mostly Gatorade which is much cheaper.  To be safe about it, make sure you schedule the work for an extra hot weekend.

Case in point, this weekend John came back down to help work along with Bob, his brother from another mother.   I picked up 24 beers for the weekend: 18 Great Lakes and 6 Sam Adams.  The weather was in the upper 80’s, but just to be sure they never got too thirsty, we convinced Bob to spend half the first day sinking screws into our subfloor (slide show of all of Bob’s stances coming soon).

Meanwhile, John helped frame in our upstairs bathroom, and afterwards get started on some new plumbing supply.  Not the most strenuous job, but since we don’t have any insulation in the room we were working in, it was extraordinarily hot.

Final tally after the weekend: 16 beers out of 24 remaining.  Not bad for 3 days worth of work.  Plus we were left with 2 bags of peaches Bob picked up at the farmer’s market.  That takes our net cost to:

8 beers
– 2 bags of peaches
= we might have broken even.

Thank you, Bob and John for all the hard work this weekend and the peaches.  That shirt you have might be right; old guys rule.

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