Bedroom Design – help!

This weekend we performed a hodge-podge of unrelated house work activities. We started the paint removal from the soon-to-be (hopefully) exposed brick in our upstairs addition.  We removed the bricks from our soon-to-be door to our master bath shower and toilet room. And we relocated our gas line for the stove in the soon-to-be upstairs kitchen.  We’re about to make some real progress, except… we can’t decide exactly what our finished product should look like. So we’re hoping some of you can give us some comments or suggestions. Any opinions out there among our small number of faithful readers?

First, some background: The room in question is 20′ x 20′, quite large. We originally didn’t want to divide it up, but we’ve come to the conclusion that dividing this room is the only way to fit in a master bathroom and reasonable closet. On the larger side of the division (the side with windows) will be our master bedroom, and on the smaller side will be our closet and the sink(s)/vanity for our bathroom. Through a door not visible in the 3-D renderings will be the more private toilet and shower space.

An overview: the 2nd floor floorplan. The room in question is the bottom-left.

We’ve conceded to divide the room, and the original plan was to put in a 7′ tall wall, leaving the overhead space open so that light could pass through. Our thought was that the top of this wall could also double as a shelf for some neat sculptural piece or pieces. Our concern is that having a half-wall jutting into the room might feel too weird, so we’ve come up with some alternatives and would like your input.

Here are a couple renderings of what the half-wall would look like:

The half-wall. You can see on the left wall, on either side of the fireplace, two historic closets/presses that will stay.

Here is the half-wall design, as viewed from inside the room

Our other option was to have the wall go all the way up to the ceiling. We’re not sure if we like this better, or if it closes the room off too much. Other possibilities with this involve taking the wall all the way across the room with a door to access the closet area, having an archway across the opening to match the arches of our front windows, or having the wall go straight up with no door. Another possibility with a tall wall is the opportunity for built-in shelves to add some visual interest and storage while letting some light pass through the wall.

This wall goes all the way to the ceiling and has a standard-size doorway

The tall wall as viewed from inside the room

The tall wall with an archway to match our front windows

The arched wall as viewed from inside the room

One of many possibilities for adding storage and visual interest to the tall wall

So tell us what you think: half-wall or tall-wall? And if it’s a tall-wall, should it have an arch, a doorway, or just go straight up? And if there’s an arch, should it be curved to match our windows, or square to match all the other trim in our house? And should we put some kind of cool shelves/pass through at the top of the tall-wall, or build something similar on top of the half-wall? Or anything else we haven’t thought of yet?! Wow, it’s a lot to think about. That’s why we’re asking for your help!

**Special Note: These drawings were made using Google SketchUp. It’s free and totally awesome!**

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3 Responses to Bedroom Design – help!

  1. Cousin Kelli says:

    Love the drawings!
    For what it’s worth, I like the short wall. Stan (step dad) has some short walls in his house and I love the open-ness they create. And natural light. He also has sculptures on top and it definitely draws attention but in a subtle way (if that’s not too much of a contradiction!).

  2. hermana says:

    Like my lovely and wise cousin, i also vote for the half wall. This room is so large and gorgeous, it would be sad to put up a whole wall and close off a portion of the room. It would also be strange to have a full wall go to the edge of the fireplace…. Plus, on top of the half wall you can display all of your highschool artwork, most importantly, 3-legged camel dog.

  3. I like the half wall. Just think of all the cool things you can do w it: Vining plants hanging down, other plants along w cool sculptur, colored glass pieces, etc. You could have inventive storage areas on the small side. It just seems more open, better air flow, better feng shui, better energy. The rendition pics are great!

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