Spring Cleaning

It’s springtime, which means that Aaron and I have no more time to work on the house for the rest of the year. We just got home from a family vacation; this weekend we are running a half marathon, next weekend we are traveling to visit family for Easter, and the following weekend we are hosting some house guests. Then it will be May, with Cinco de Mayo, the Kentucky Derby, and the Indy 500/Memorial Day weekend. That will segue right into the summertime wedding season, only to be followed with fall football season, and finally, the holidays.

Back in December, Aaron and I tallied it up and discovered that we were on the road at least 20 weekends in 2009, probably closer to 25. That’s just about 50% of our weekends spent out of town, not including social obligations opportunities in our own town.  If this year shapes up the same way, we probably won’t get any more house work done until 2011.

We did get a little time to ourselves on Sunday, which we used to rearrange the furniture and do a little spring cleaning.  We even moved the satellite from its location in the front window in our living room, where it sat for two years, to the fence in our backyard.  In the process, we increased our signal strength three-fold AND got rid of an ugly cable that had been attached to the side of the house since we bought it.  All in all, the new arrangement of the house looks pretty nice, so long as you can look past that hideous floral wallpaper.

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