A Floor for a Floor

The plan was set: Aaron’s parents were coming down for the weekend to help with the house nice-ifying project. We were renting a concrete saw for the weekend to cut up the cement floor to make room for our new plumbing, which meant we really needed to finalize our floorplan. So on Friday night, Aaron and I threw 2 1/2 years of planning out the window and hashed out a completely new floorplan over some beers at happy hour. This was it; the plan was to be carved into the slab the very next day.

Early Saturday morning, Aaron and John ventured out to get the concrete saw, a 14″ blade-diameter gas-powered 4 horsepower circular saw. I sneaked off to my Saturday class and left Aaron’s clan to do all the work. Nancy, who was staying in the “finished” part of the house, also escaped mid-morning after the air in the house became noxious with fumes, despite open windows. John and Aaron were left to their own devices.

Shortly after noon, and a mere fifteen minutes after their lunch break, the belt on the saw broke. Unfortunately, The rental store closed at noon, but after two trips to an auto-parts store, Aaron and John had a new belt and had the saw working again. They cut out the outlines of the plumbing areas using the saw, but then had to use the trusty spudbar to break up the concrete and rebar and pry it out of the holes. That spudbar has paid for itself many times over, especially because it came free in the basement of our house. Seriously, it’s mighty useful, but I don’t know where you could buy one nowadays. It must date back to the 1930s.

With only a small area remaining around the drain stack to be cut, the saw broke again. This time it was the spring mechanism on the starter, and it was irreparable. We’ll have to rent the saw again for ten minutes worth of cutting, but at least the company comped us the rental.

The soil pipe is cracked near the bottom, so we’re going to have to remove and rebuild it. On Sunday, we finished installing the subfloor in the 2nd floor of the addition so we have some ground to stand on when we take down the drain stack.

Aaron and John both realized Saturday night that cement dust is much worse than plaster dust, setting up in your hair when it mixes with sweat. I missed that part, but I did get a sweet shin bruise when I fell through the floor joists on Sunday morning. Now I have a shin bruise to match John’s from his last visit (he’s accident-prone).

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