What do normal people do with their weekends?

After five straight weekends of intense physical labor, Aaron and I decided we deserved a break. It was a good time for a break from housework: I had an exam on Saturday morning (I’ll never take a Saturday class again!), one of our friends threw a party on Saturday night, and Sunday was Valentine’s day, the perfect holiday for newlyweds. Plus, the Winter Olympics are happening! (I love to watch the fittest people in the world endeavor in great feats of athleticism while I scarf junk food in my pajamas on the couch for two weeks straight. Seriously, I LOVE the Olympics!)

Our "new" clawfoot tub

Our "new" clawfoot tub! About 4.5 ft long--so cute!

All of these factors combined into a restful weekend for Aaron and myself. Truth be told: we did spend a couple hours on Friday night procuring a beautiful cast iron claw foot tub that was no longer wanted, first emptying the tub of potting soil, then moving it to our home. But it was easy work (aside from carrying the thing), and we relaxed afterward by watching the opening ceremony at a bar with some friends. So all in all, a restful weekend.

Yesterday, we enjoyed a lazy Sunday morning followed by some shopping and grocery-getting. Despite getting out and about and accomplishing several errands, however, at the end of the day we just felt so… bored. Where was the physical exhaustion? Where was the problem solving? Where was the suffering? Is this how normal people spend their weekends? What the hell are we going to do with our free time when we finish this house?

To assuage our anguish, we decided to make our own Valentine’s Day dinner and watch the Olympics, rather than “relax” by going out or getting takeout. We spent the next three hours in the kitchen making eggplant parmigiana from scratch and hand-rolling our own homemade pasta for spaghetti noodles. We finally ate dinner around 9:30, and it was amazing. I suppose most normal people would find this stressful, but for us, it just seems normal to be busy.

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