The Dumpster

The problem with living in your house while you renovate is that the mess sort of takes over your living space. We had to clear out the addition before we could take out the ceiling, so we ended up with a pile of tools, including a shop-vac, in front of our washing machine. Thus, we haven’t done any laundry in over a week, and it’s piling up behind the shop-vac. Additionally, the removal of our downstairs bathroom resulted in a toilet bowl directly under the tap on the kegerator. How appetizing.

Fortunately, this weekend brought a rented dumpster ready to hold ten yards of debris from our house, and it couldn’t have come at a better time. Rented from the local government for 40 bucks, it was delivered on a rainy Friday afternoon, and it took us a little over two days to fill it up with all those piles of rubble we mentioned last week.

Now we’re done with demo for a while, and we can start improving the house! Hopefully the next few weekends will be less filthy.

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