Piles of Rubble

After smashing up the house for three weekends straight, we’ve realized that we’re out of space for the piles and piles of rubble that have been accumulating. Luckily for us, our rented dumpster is arriving next weekend to haul away our debris. We’ll spend next weekend carting tons of plaster debris out to the dumpster. And while we’re about out of energy for this kind of exhausting labor, we’re mostly done with demo once we get the piles out of the house.

We spent Saturday removing the other downstairs bathroom. Unlike the rest of what we’ve demolished, this bathroom was in decent shape. (Maybe it’s held up so well due to the 2 1/2″ thick plaster-and-tile walls, which were a nightmare to knock out.) It was scary to remove a perfectly good bathroom (and theoretically lower the value of our home), but it needed to happen for the master plan. It’s also scary to be down to a single bathroom; it’s really nice having two toilets sometimes.

After beating all that tile with the maul (think of hitting a brick wall with a sledge hammer over and over again), we were both pretty tired and achy on Sunday morning. Fortunately, Sunday’s work was less physically demanding. We took down the ceiling in the 2nd floor of the addition and, after being showered with dust and detritus, discovered that the rafters in the addition are in pretty rough shape, with some water damage and a lot of sagging.

This brings us to the latest question of our house remodel. Do we take the roof off the addition and fix the rafters and roof boards from the top? Well we would, except the house had a brand new roof put on just before we bought it. (The roofer must’ve made the previous owners aware of this, but they chose to ignore the problem. Isn’t it convenient that a person can check “unknown” for all the categories in the Seller’s Disclosure of Property Condition document? And our home inspector would’ve missed it because it was hidden under a shiny new roof.) If we’re not going to take the roof off, we’ll have to jack up the ceiling and put up new rafters from the inside, which should be do-able. Maybe it would just be easier to tear the addition off and hire a contractor to rebuild it from scratch, but that wouldn’t be our style. Not enough suffering. And think of all the character we’re building!

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