Raising the Bar

This weekend Kristin and I raised the bar… the spud bar… many many times until our arms hurt. We’re doing more demolition and this handy tool, which we found in the basement during our first Smashy-Smash weekend, comes in quite handy for busting plaster off of its wood lath backing. It is quite heavy though, and since we were knocking down plaster from the ceiling, I actually preferred to use the old metal sign post that we also found in the house, much lighter.

This was the first of what will probably be a few weekends of demolition, and as follows naturally, a few weekends capped off by beer and pizza. Having a few demolition weekends under my belt since we’ve moved in, I’ve made some observations: I almost always want beer and pizza afterwards; I can tell if I haven’t been wearing my mask enough by my black snot; each time I find a few more reasons to be concerned about what the previous owners might have done to our house; and I might start using plaster dust intentionally as a hair product.

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