Midweek Update: The Mercury’s-a-Climbin’

The thermometer in our bedroom read a sultry 66 degrees last night! That’s a six degree increase from the norm, which is huge considering that we have not turned up the space heaters and the weather outside is still the same! This can only be credited to the insulation in the attic.

A few people had told us that insulating the attic would not actually make our living quarters warmer; it would mainly save us money on utility bills. This is probably true if you have central heating with a thermostat, but space heaters are a little different. Setting the space heater on “4” is not the same as setting your thermostat to 68 degrees; the air right at the back of the thermostat will be at “4” (whatever that means), and the actual temperature of your room will vary anywhere from 56-70 degrees depending on heat loss. Stopping heat from escaping makes a huge difference in room comfort.

It’s supposed to warm up to 40 degrees outside today, which means that our house might be semi-comfortable for the rest of the week!

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