Where We’ve Been – Part 4 – The Ice Storm Cometh

It was our first winter in the house and, despite the drafty single-pane windows and lack of central heat, we were enjoying ourselves.  We set the downstairs space heater to “1,” which kept the temperature around 40ºF, just to keep the pipes from freezing.  Our upstairs space heater was set to “5,” keeping our living quarters at a toasty 60ºF all winter long.

One morning, Aaron and I were in the bathroom getting ready for work when we heard a resounding crash from outside.  Neither of us could figure out what made the noise right away, but it became pretty obvious when we left for work.  The ice storm had taken the metal awning right off the back of our house!

The ice storm proved too much for our awning

We left it hanging like that while we went to work.  That evening, we pulled it the rest of the way down and hauled it into the house.  Eventually, we took it to a scrap yard, where we got $30 for it.

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