Where We’ve Been – Part 1 – Almost Habitable

People are usually pretty interested, maybe even impressed, when I tell them we’re renovating our home and doing most of the work ourselves.  Then they inevitably ask how long we’ve had the house and what we’ve accomplished so far, and I sheepishly admit: we’ve had the house for over 2 years (28 months, actually) and we’ve… well… we put in a new water heater…  It’s a start.

We had to knock out a wall to access the water heater.

That sliding wooden door on the far side of the water heater left about 18" to access the water heater through a brick wall.

We’ve actually done a fair amount of work on the house; it just doesn’t really show. We had to put a lot of effort into the place even to make it fit for habitation when we moved in, and we’ve done some minor projects here and there. It’s so easy to forget these little accomplishments when faced with the big picture, but I’m going to attempt to document what we’ve done so far. Hopefully, this will keep us motivated as we look at peeling floral wallpaper and holes in the floor.

The first thing we did, immediately after our closing, was install a new water heater.  The old water heater was probably 35 years old and, according to our home inspector, at risk for breaking and leaking water all over the floor.  It had never been replaced because the previous owners had walled it in, leaving only a small access panel for lighting the pilot light and adjusting the flame.  So before we could replace the water heater, we had to knock out a wall in one of the downstairs kitchens.  Great start!

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