The Beginning

The House
The House

Back in 2007, when the economy was still good and I still had a job that paid well, my husband (boyfriend, at the time) and I decided to become “adults” and buy a house.  We were sick of paying rent, sick of the apartment maintenance guys mowing down our tomatoes, and sick of white walls.  (Okay, so we’d taken the liberty of painting our walls.  But we wanted better light fixtures.)

So we shopped around for a while and saw a few houses we liked–older homes from a time when they actually built houses with character and charm, all within walking (or at least biking) distance to our favorite downtown destinations.  They were all nice, and we probably would’ve been happy in any of them, but we wanted a project.

(We’re young and ambitious.  And impractical.)

We ended up in this house, a neglected gem from 1806.  To be honest, its listing price was out of our range, and I therefore had no interest.  But the then-boyfriend persisted and showed me the few pictures from the listing.  The inside resembled the hotel from Barton Fink, which was pretty much the selling point for me.  And once the realtor showed us in, we were in love with the place.  There was no turning back.

My husband and I are both serial project starters, but rarely project finishers.  In that context, this house is a great challenge for us, albeit a fun one.  For example, we have no central heat and no air conditioning.  Our living room has only 2 electrical outlets, despite being 20′ x 20′.  The 2nd floor of the addition (lovingly referred to as either the Sun Room or the Cold Room, depending on the weather) has no insulation.  Good times!

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